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Saw a request to start this thread up again, thought I might as take it upon myself.

This is a place to post a photo and receive feedback. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re at the top of your game, this thread is for you!

-Stay on topic
-Be helpful, and provide tips for improvement.
-Don’t be mean, everyone starts somewhere.
-Try not to comment on the same photo twice. Moderated users might have an issue here, that’s alright.

First photo here:

Excellent photo, nice composition and great use of aperture. :slight_smile:

My photo:

I like these threads!

Awesome car, awesome shot. Nice use of aperture, really blends the background, mid and foreground and highlights the subject. I can see not much shutter speed was used, gives the impression the car is casually cruising along which I like. Nice use of colour, not overly saturated but it still pops. Finally nice use of light, the little highlight on the front rim and the soft like accentuating the lines on top of the car. Overall a very nice shot indeed.

My pic:

Incredible shot, really like the focus of the shot. the rear of the ferrari always looks so real, but with the reflections on the TVR as well it just makes the whole thing look spot on. One thing that sticks out to me is how you’ve used the angle of the shot as well. Using the TVR on the left, but with the roof bulge sort of grows the picture to the right. Kind of hard to explain but I really like it lol. The more I look at it the more real it looks, really good job.

my pic: Please be critical as I’m still learning and I’m not sure on what I’m doing half the time!

Very clean! Loving the red! I like the feeling of space the zoom and positioning gives to the shot, well done!

Love the use of the focus on the mirror, the composition makes the supra look super wide and I love it.

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TheManInB1ack13 - I love the focus on this picture. It gives it a real scenic feel. I also love the shutter speed and aperture, which makes the car look like it’s flying past. I would suggest maybe a bit of sepia because it is an older-model truck and could make for a nice historical photo. I also suggest to remove the vignette, however, because it looks too prominent in the picture for my liking.

Next up:

MCLAREN - 2013 P1 (4) by vAcesWild

Great attention to detail and use of lighting, almost as if a spot light just pinged on and I imagine a sound effect similar to “Dun Dun”

Like the shot [And the car!] The angle gives it a good feel. The reflections on the wing look good, and the definition of the Renault badge is really nice.

Very realistic, loving the gold lighting and use of shutter, very nice!

I love the dark, gray, moody feel the shot. The lighting is superb with the city glow on the right and side and the highlighting of the rain drops on the side of the truck. Overall great shot.

You cheat! No real photos allowed! Just kidding, it is just so realistic, the lighting and use of contrast is spectacular! The shutter speed also increases the realism of the buildings in the background.

Huge fan of this photo! Love the rain drops, and how you an see the reflection on the individual letters. literally looks real!

Love the composition! I would try to avoid that much bloom, and use some aperture!

Very dramatic, very nice!

Nice simple and clean picture! The low aperture blurring out the background but still having the entire car in focus is a nice touch.

The F40 shot is very nice with soft and low colors - a great night shot with great shadow reflection …

Here is my entry:
into the sunset

Great lighting and overall composition. Love how deep the black is on the back of the drivers head…

Not great… is the back window open?

I like the bright blue of the car against all the earth tones in the background. Also I like how you used the mountain in the background to give the photo some draw distance.

The contrasting colours of the environment (brownish turf, turquoise ocean, and white vehicle) is simply fantastic. Well done dude.