Cloud Save Won't Load


I reinstalled Windows and Forza 7 and now I’m not able to pick up where I left. My cloud save just does not load, slider is not even moving. I have put so much effort into this game and do not want to lose it, is there any way to save my save file from cloud?

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I had the problem , also i tried all solutions . like your format and reinstall forza 7

Any suggestion

I had the same issues with u has . i have been tried all solutions like format and reinstall forza 7

since 2 week ago

i had the same issue like you . i have been tried all solutions and fix and format the pc and reinstall the forza 7

Yeah , that’s the problem i had, this is impossible to solve, something goes wrong when the game tries to call the Xbox Identity Provider or Xbox.CallableUI (TCUI).

It’s one of those problems with the whole AppX UWP WinRT platform, it’s so sensitive to corruption. i suspect it might be because of one of the latest Windows Updates.
The only way to solve this is either a repair-reinstall of Windows10, or a complete clean reinstall of Windows 10.

My logfiles :

It’s some kind of COM or DCOM activation issue.

I already made a post about this on the xbox forum, i also took this problem to the Microsoft Forums but they redirected me back here, tho it’s not a actual Forza game problem, it’s a external component problem.

Did you use “CCleaner + CCEnhancer” or the “O&O Shutup10” application btw? because this is what i used before and might be also a cause to this problem.

Solved my issue through these steps above. Thanks for any suggestions.

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Going to try this when I get home today. I need to get back on forza 7

got my issue resolved by updating my windows 10 version. looks like windows 10 creator update had alot of issues with xbox live games. but now I cant connect to any forza servers in forza 7 odd because I am able to play forza horizon 3 online without any issues now.