Closed Thread

Closed Thread

yo dude,

im down for that. booked 2 weeks off so ill be online a lot :slight_smile:

XB GT: billybolwell

I love drifting hit me up and I’ll join you!!!

Xbox ONE GT: ursistersmanbag

I’m in buy I hope they fix the g27 a bit … It works and drifting is doable but it’s a bit odd ffb still. Add me on Xbox Nomac55

I’m an experienced drifter in rl as well as games.

Ok I got my handbrake made and got the wheel settings dialed in. I built a Datsun 240z and I’m ready for to drifting.

Hey dude I’m down. Ill send you a message on XB right now.

Looking for team im in the 1% on all drift zones and some zones im below 20th

Im down to drift. Your montages looking sick!!
GT : BrokeKiing

I’m down for some drifting especially with others, getting bored of these drift showcases now. GT: dragdog77

Pro tandems here. Add me : dK88s

I am interested, add me: FranKamelot

GT: foolsjester