[CLOSED] Newbies to Pros - Defy Gravity [Round 4] [CLOSED]

Welcome to the Newbies to Pros Photocomp!

I can’t wait to see some amazing shots!

I am still trying to get this competition sponsored for weekly prizes!

Current Round

Round 3 - Defy Gravity

All photos must be UPSIDE DOWN! The entries can be flipped.

Example shots below (I did not have any example shots of my own so I found these shots on Google)


Entry - 22nd of November 0:00 GMT

Voting - 28th of November 0:00 GMT

Photo Rules

  1. The photo must be upside down!

  2. Any track is allowed, ForzaVista is not allowed.

  3. No editing can be done outside of Forza, except for flipping the image.

  4. Please keep the photo within the forum size.

  5. Any Forza game is allowed.

  6. Only your shots are allowed, if you use somebody else’s shot you will be banned from this comp.

  7. You can submit 1 entry and 1 extra (Please label and tell me if you decide to change these).

  8. You must vote for 3 photos (in no particular order) or you will be disqualified.

  9. You cannot vote for yourself.

  10. Anyone can vote.

  11. Only enter shots that have not been entered in any other comps.


I will vote for tie-breaks.

Each vote = 1 Vote

The votes will be counted and tallied like below - THE TOP 5 RECEIVE POINTS

1st - 15 pts. (Most Votes)
2nd - 10 pts.
3rd - 8 pts.
4th - 5 pts.
5th - 3 pts. (Fifth Most Votes)

Prize Information

I will try again to get this competition sponsored for weekly prizes!

I am sorry if it doesn’t get sponsored.

Current Standings - Before Round

Read the rules.

PM your questions.

Have Fun.

Good luck!

Previous Winners

Lethal Drift - Round 1 - Scenery Only, No Cars!

superkungen69 - Round 2 - Fisheye Photography

Lethal Drift - Round 3 - Beautiful Badges

Official Entry List!

iHomie OG





Morc 57

Apparently God

Lethal Drift

Nights Viper


So just to clarify, can we or can we not rotate the watermark IN the game because the rules say you can’t edit it outside the game.

Because you can rotate the watermark in game so I don’t see why it has to be in a specific spot?

Doesn’t the watermark always stay in the bottom right?

You can change the location of the watermark after the photo has been taken by pressing RB.


I have changed the rules - The photo can now be edited outside of Forza , but only to flip it!



Updated spot with entry. Post

Might update later but here is my entry for now:




Thanks for the fantastic entries so far! Keep 'em coming in!


Thought I’d give this contest a try. Pre-water mark shot :slight_smile:

P.S. I think Lethal Drift is at 35 pts, not 20. (Unless I missed something :P)

Yeah I made a note last round that it was a mistake (good pick up).


My entry if eligible

Here’s my entry for this round:

FERRARI - 1984 GTO (6) by vAcesWild


I think the voting is open so here are my choices:

-iHomie OG
-Lethal Drift