Clean Endurance racing

Hey, me and my pal has created the Trans Atlantic Championship, where we race on simulation and use stock GT cars. I would like to know if anybody in here is interested in joining? I’ll post the event link and description below :wink:
Link: TAC
TAC info:

The Trans Atlantic Championship is an endurance championship where we all vote for the conditions of the race/track.
Points will be distributed in the following way:
1st. 10 points
2nd. 8 points
3th. 6 points
4th. 4 points
5th. 2 points
6th and below 0 points.
The length of the championship is unknown at the moment, as we need to see how many actually wants to play.
There will be two-three races on a biweekly basis, but you can only sign up for one of them. So pick wisely and if you fail to show up or bug out during the race you will be disqualified from the current race due to “technical difficulties” just like in real life.
The class is R, and the bodytype is Mordern GT cars. It will be stock racing as there will be drivatar(d)s who will compete with us to make it a full race.
Eligible cars :
Audi R8 LMS ultra
Bentley Continental GT3
Corvette C7.R
Dodge Viper GTS-R
Ferrari 458 Italia GTLM/GTE/GTC
Lamborghini LP 570-4 Super Trofeo
McLaren 12C GT3
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3
urrent race conditions (Note that they can change after voting):
Track: Le Mans La Sarthe
Time: 1 hour
Weather and time: Day (Sunny)
Drivatars: Yes
Damage difficulty: Simulation
Performance index: 800-850
Class: R
Division: Modern GT Racing

It must be clean racing, although accidents can happen.

Let’s hear your opinion!

This sounds fun.

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Very interested, I have a lot of experience with endurance races of 45-90 minutes from GTA V in a clean racing crew (if you hit someone, you wait for them).

Of course, it depends on time and date for the races.

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i would really like to join in on this

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The cars aren’t balanced stock so it’s hardly fair…

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Well actually the GT cars in the start of the R class are quite equal when it comes to performance.

yeah sounds good. looooove endurance.

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I was just gonna make a post suggesting someone do this! I’m in

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Fantastic guys, well I thought, since timezones are a problem, that we host one at 22:00/10:00 pm central Europe time this Friday, and one at around 22/10:00 pm east coast time this Friday. But of course you can only choose one, so you don’t get double points and so on.

Due to technical difficulties i had to create a new event. The link is updated, hope to race you all later! :smiley: