CLASS B "97 CIVIC" help/advice please!

Hi guys,
Just swapped onto Xbox one and am loving the game!
I’m struggling a bit with the tuning set ups.
I have done the You Tube watch and copy set ups ect… Which actually have worked well.

I’m struggling to find how to gain a tune/setup for the Civic 97 to put me in good stead for B class lobby’s.

I’ve played a lot with set ups and consider myself as someone who can tune but I just feel I’m leaving some time on the track with this civic which we all hate!!

Can anyone advise how I can get one or give me some tuning details to try??

Cheers in advance guys!

  1. Use high accel differential (80~100%). I think I personally use about 90%
  2. Tune WITHOUT aero. When you are feeling good without aero, then add it if necessary. If you tune with aero, a lot of car feel becomes muted by the downforce.
  3. Consider using -ve toe at front to reduce exit understeer. Reason - the tire with highest grip (outside) is pointing MORE towards the corner. +ve toe points the outside tire AWAY from the corner. This is just my personal preference.

I do have a B class tune for personal use but post a reference time, say at Catalunya School track, then we can compare notes. I also have C class tune shared so you can try it and see if it is better/worse. If it feels better than above 3 notes may help. If it is worse, then I’ll shut up.
You can try mine if you want. Not sure how to turn it into a link on the phone.

Cheers to you both!!! I’ll get back to you when I’ve tried them all this weds night!! If your online we can do a private room if you. I have a great tune I made for a Astra VXR your welcome to try which is what I did whilst waiting for you guys to reply ;-).
Chris CMT1982

I’m usually online after 10pm EST. We can try Astra and Civic at that time.

I tried my C class Civic and it was quite horrible, I must have been smoking something good. Tried to share the updated tune and now FM5 refuses to share it . . .

I tried A5yrtech’s tune (has front/rear wings) and it is stable & fast. I have updated my build/tune (no wings) to ‘almost’ keep up with it.

C class build/tune is up for trial/eval.

Laguna Seca 1:38.929 (#1742)
Catalunya Nat 1:22.259 (#960)

B600 No aero original motor build/tune has been shared.

I also shared a 3 min. video of the build/tune on the XB1 Friends news Feed thing. You can get an idea of the set-up I am using through that video.

Achieved my best B class Rivals time at Laguna Seca with 1:35.5 (~#1500). Not spectacular but decent.