Citroen Xsara (racing spec) 2001-2006

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Citroen Xsara (racing spec)


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Citroen Sbarro Xsara Picasso Cup (2002)
Citroen Xsara WRC No.2 (2005)


Another car that would be great with the new expansion.

TOTAL is for domination.


Citroën’s early 2000’s Rally Car made extremely famous by Sebastian Loeb


Xsara Kit Car (aka, the car that started Citroën’s rallying in the modern era)

Xsara WRC (first official entry of Citroën in WRC)


Citroen Xsara F2 Kit Car. Won back to back overall in Catalunya and Corsica in the hands of Phillipe Bugalski, despite being an F2 car and only being 2WD. This car led to the creation of the Xsara WRC, which would take 32 victories and 6 championships with Sebastien Loeb at the wheel.

The F2 Kit Cars were a very interesting class of cars as a whole. I’d highly recommend Jackoh Motors’ recent video about them.

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