Christmas Doesn't Exist

Since changing season why have all the Christmas trees gone, snowmen gone and the giant ice rink and candy canes? How have they messed it up this time?

Mine only worked for 5 minutes last week.

I can’t believe it??? Same argument as your usual posts… now about Christmas. Are you sure you aren’t stuck in rewind mode?

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Whenever a new season starts, load it up, but quit out and reboot the game.

If a season changes as you are playing the game, quit out, reboot, load the seasonal change, quit out, reboot.

This fixes the majority of these issues and all the 1km/h short stuff.

I am. Im thinking on future generations. People should stop participating in traditions that are hurting the society more than the other way around. People should be logical, and think with reason and use their brains more.
Almost the opposite of what people does these days.

A bit of a scrooge, are we?

As with all troubleshooting, see the pinned READ ME message in the Support forum. The first step is to try rebooting to clear the issue, which seems to be the solution for this one. If not, keep reading.

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