Chevrolet Coupe SS Turismo Carretera 1968-current

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Chevrolet Coupe SS Turismo Carretera

This car right here has a history of success, a lot of success. Driven by big drivers such as Traverso, Ledesma, Ortelli and Rossi, this car is the most popular choice for race and championship winners across all categories (including ones that you might haven’t even heard of before). It also has a lot of controversy of the car being “too overpowered”, and ACTC’s many attempts at slowing them down has only shown fruition recently since the car hasn’t won the Turismo Carretera since 2019 and as such popularity of the car has fallen dramatically.

With the changes of regulations, the Chevy Coupe Serie 2 (or Nova for the Americans) will be abandoned and instead will be replaced by Chevrolet’s latest muscle: the Camaro.