Chevrolet Colorado ZR 2 2017 does not show as "in garage" / picture taken when bought from autoshow

I’m looping through horizon promo section and i own the “Chevrolet Colorado ZR 2 2017” in my garage, yet in horizon promo it still shows as not own / not in garage (icon is missing), but it also does not seem to register when i take a picture of that car. The icon is missing as well and when i take a picture of that car it says no new car detected. I explicitly bought a second car from autoshow for this Chevrolet Colorado ZR 2 2017 and it still does not register as “in garage”. Is this another bug ? Anyone else have the same problem or the same problem with other cars in horizon promo ?

Only the worthy may truly own that car

Some of the promo cars on that list are not the ownable ones, but the AI traffic. Some of those traffic cars are labeled as such, but others are not. And since a lot of the promo stuff having to do with the stories are bugged, they are as well. 3 of the traffic promo cars are the Colorado, Raptor (2nd gen) and the Merc X-class.