Chevrolet Bel Air 1955-1957

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I expected that the '57 will be in the game, as it should almost go without saying, being perhaps the most instantly recognizable & iconic American car of all time. Yet I was wrong. So first & foremost this needs to return.


Ideally for a new vintage stock car racing division, not a “hot-rods” division like former games which ignores this car’s racing heritage.


However, if we’re going to re-add the '55 too (as we should), could we please just upgrade the interior, add the chrome & bring it back as a proper Bel-Air? The Utility Sedan is just not nearly as nice. For those who don’t prefer the extra chrome, there should still be an option to remove it. But for the majority who prefer the Bel-Air, it would be great to see that Utility Sedan upgraded!



Would love if they added a new division for 50s American cars, like the ones that were used on NASCAR at the time, which was strictly stock back then. Cars like the Bel-Air, the Hudson Hornet, Ford T-Bird, etc.


I 100% agree!! I made a topic exactly for that!

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