Champion Ships aren't showing.

Days ago, I was playing some forza horizon 2, then the game just blacks out and re-boots by it’s self. I lost all my cars and my perks and the bucket list. Now I can’t complete the bloody champion ships at San giovanni. I try changing my champion ship, but the dude just speaks. I tired re-installing it; it didn’t work. I checked everything it make sure it was working and all, but no luck. After 'bout 2 days, I can’t play the champion ships. I’m just wondering if this had happened to someone else, and if it had happened to you, have you fixed it? (On the Xbone btw). turn10 & playground games just realllly fix this.

Well, you wont see that champion ship the Titantic because it sank on its maiden voyage. I can’t vouch for any others.

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