Certain limited-stock upgrade parts as rewards

With Forza Horizon 5 completely overflowing with cash and immediately giving you access to purchase any and every modification in the game outright, it leads to a boring, samey experience.

My preposition is to lock serious modifications such as aspiration, engine, and drivetrain swaps, and maybe even bodykits behind certain events. You can’t just purchase them outright. You need to earn them and once you do, you have a limited stock and they can’t be “taken off” once applied to a car.

You can’t just immediately engine swap any car outright, you need to earn that engine. Might be in an event, might be hidden somewhere on the map, heck it might even be pulled out of a wheelspin. But once you get it, you can swap the engine into a compatible car, assuming you have one. You could also sell the engine, too.

My ideal economy for a Forza game sees wheelspin cash extremely nerfed (think the max being 50k with most spins landing between 5k-15k) and auction house buyouts are relatively low. To counteract this, there are plenty of ways to earn small sums of cash which will quickly add up over time. Being able to sell these parts is one of them.

Yeah I agree. I recall having to earn my way to better cars and upgrades in Need for Speed Heat. Horizon 5 feels like it’s been dumbed down for casual players by handing everything to you without much effort.


Agreed 1,000,000% ! I don’t need another car as a reward. Seriously, I already have 600+. Within the first week, I had more than 200. The entire rewards system for this game needs to be refreshed. It needs to evolve. FH5 has taught me that spending $100 on a game that basically only has a graphical update is not money well spent. And I will not be spending any further money on future FH games unless something changes.

This would impact tuning and tuners ability to make credits if certain parts are locked behind events requiring users to complete them.

So no imo. The NFS model can stay with NFS.

That’s a great idea. But then they also have to come up with a good progression system, something they don’t have yet.

Nearly every single tune under the sun is engine and drivetrain swapped. With how ridiculously how easy they are to obtain, it leads to everyone putting these upgrades on, ruining the character of the car.

This is especially bad with drivetrain swaps. AWD cars are very beginner friendly, not to mention add serious launch power and acceleration to your car. This leads noobs to constantly using AWD cars, and never gaining experience to use any other drivetrain. This is especially bad when the other drivetrains have their own advantages.

I constantly see complaints about “why do stock cars handle so badly” about FWD cars understeering or RWD cars oversteering, it ruins the diversity of the car setups when new players slap on the same three upgrades that make every car drive the same.

How someone chooses to tunes or upgrade their car is up to them.

Let the ‘noobs’ play the game their way I say. Makes no difference to my game.

Imo of course

Edit: I forgot, it would also skew online where it would be those who have the locked upgrades v those who don’t. Not quite fair

Special parts (mechanical and/or visual) as rewards certainly sound like an interesting idea.

However, I have flashbacks from Gran Turismo 7 here. It should be carefully considered so that PGG don’t make the same mistakes as Polyphony Digital did (especially engine swaps locked entirely behind gatcha roulette tickets) :wink: