Centrifugal Supercharger not installing

Why cant I install my supercharger onto my Honda S2000 or my Mercedes 190E?

Because you download some body’s tune first. You have to buy a new car.

So if you go back to default or one your own tunes you can install right?

If not, then that’s a BUG and needs SQUASHED.


It is the same bug that should of been Squashed in Forza 3, and they should of patched it then. Certainly it should of been taken care of in Forza 4 but it was not nor was it ever patched. Nor in Forza 5 and now here it is again in Forza 6.

It is a extremely annoying bug, the work around is to sell the car for half price then buy a new car for full price. On a car that cost 2 million CR you loose 1 million CR to fix it.

I have no idea what it would take to get Turn 10 to fix this, really it needs to patched and fixed ASAP.

It’s one tough bug, survived through 4 Forzas now.

The old bug from Forza 3, 4, and 5 that was never fixed or patched is back when you download a tune and install it if the build has a supercharger you will not be able to make a tune yourself and install a supercharger.

Please this time Fix it.

Wow this is embarrassing…just like the transparency about patches :wink:

Just make sure when you buy the new car you also buy a centrifugal supercharger before you apply the tune again, or you will be in the same boat.
I can’t believe this bug is still hanging around after 4 games.
I guess it could be considered a feature at this point.