Cars - Toyota Supra RZ 1998 - Inaccurate engine audio

This car does not have the stock 2JZ-GTE sound and it sounds really off, completely synthesized and trumpet like , making it absolutely horrible to hear.

Here is an example of how it sounds:

It sounds even worse when you upgrade it

Therefore, please update the sound of this car, Supra is one of my most favorite car and hearing it sound like a trumpet tarnishes the whole driving experience. Down below I am providing the examples of an actual sounding 2JZ-GTE and 2JZ-GE so that you can get the picture. Please use these sounds for this car and give the love it deserves.



Please update the sound of this car, I hope these helps.

Players ( who never heard a stock Supra in their lifes ) complained about this in FH4, since it did not sound like a 1000 hp modified Supra in that game, so they forced Playground games to change the sound for FH5 sadly, so that`s why we got the sound of a modified Supra, and not a stock Supra sadly.

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Gran Turismo always used to do a great job of catching the low pitch note of a stock Supra in the game, at least in GT1-GT4, i have not played any Gran turismo games since, so i don`t know how they sound in later games sadly.

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Unfortunately that is the reality. FH4 has the most stock sounding supra while this FH5 is trumpety. I just can’t drive this car due to the sound. It sounds freaking wrong.