Cars - Lamborghini SC20 '20 - Graphic (texture) issues

The Lamborghini SC20 has some major graphic (texture) issues.

There are three “fragments” on top of the engine cover.

They’re difficult to spot with the original colour but they become more visible when you change it to a darker one.

The two small parts and the arrow like shaped one are not existing on the real car.

These “fragments” are maybe related to flipped vertices in the 3D model of the car.

There’s also a small “fragment” on the right sillboard which looks like a scrape mark.

Additionally the tone of the blue used with the interior is wrong. It’s a more light blue that’s matching the one of the accentuations of the exterior parts in reality.

Would be nice if this could be fixed together with the other known bugs of this car (brake caliper and rev counter).

PAID DLC cars. How many more of these have modelling errors and issues?

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Please tell me a single one which has none.

Is there any at all?

Prediction: Some of these issues will still be existing unchanged in FH9.

Every time it is impressive to me how fast and competently you all guys are finding issues in every new car the moment it is avalaible in game.