Cars earned for free?

I was in my Forza Horizon 2, went to see the menu and had Agumas things in Turn 10. When opened, were present: Two Lamborghini Huracan, and a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. Could someone explain me, how I won these cars? Sorry for my English, I speak Portuguese in Brazil.

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I am close to the next Tier and have Received all cars except the Forza rewards card. What do I have to do to get them?
Everything else runs fine and since 2-3 days my achievements get recognized normally as well. Just not the cars.

What Rewards Tier were you the first time you played FH2?

Tier 2…just reached Tier 4 but have not received any of the cars from Forza rewards

Once you return to the main Festival Hub after completing Sisteron for the very first time, you should receive the reward cars. You will only get them for the Tier you were when you first started playing Forza Horizon 2.

Okay I will try that. Regarding your second point with how I started: does this mean that whenever I go up a Tier that I am not getting the other Bonus cars?

Yes, those reward cars are only for the first time you play the game. If reward cars are offered in future games - as I’m sure they will be - you will earn those in relationship to whatever Tier you are when you start that game. You will earn free cars from wheelspins every once in a while, and money will come so quickly after the tutorial that you won’t have to worry. You’ll be able to afford the reward cars in a jiffy.


Dont know if this is the right section to ask but are u able to sell your cars in forza horizon 2 because i searched it on youtube and there are no videos and in the garage it says you can discard them but you dont get anything for them

Spot on. You can buy cars but if you don’t want them the only choice you have is to ‘remove’.

The only reason I would even see you dong that is because you bought a lot of cars for the sultan achievement and simply don’t like them and never plan on using them, or because you know you have to transfer your account and want a shorter sync time and you have o problem buying them all back.

Gift cars from turn 10 i say thankyou for them and get hammered sometimes for being human.