Cars - Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR PRO Off-centred Steering Wheel

When driving a race car or an extreme track toy in this case, the steering wheel alignment is paramount since any movement can noticeably change the direction and velocity.

It’s the reason why many inspired high performance road cars have steering wheel markers at the top to ensure correct centering and alignment.

When driving or racing the Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro in cockpit view in FH5, I cannot help but notice that the steering wheel is not centered and aligned perfectly. It is tilting towards the right side.

It’s as if the car is turning slightly towards the right even when stationary. A minor visual car bug but it can easily throw anybody off when driving competitively under strict racing conditions.

I believe something like this can be easily corrected in a hot fix update and I request you do it as soon as possible please.

This car is full of problems. It doesn’t weigh the right amount or have the right amount of horsepower

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It hasn’t got the right amount of Horsepower since it’s got a Restrictor Plate mounted.

You can go into the engine upgrades and remove the Restrictor to get it to the full amount.

This is so that it’s in S2 Stock and be used by AI and for Online Races.


The alignment is correct, the real life car also has a tilt to the right, it’s not just the steering wheel that’s tilted but the entire seat and pedals, because the cockpit is much narrower in the front. The driver and co-driver basically don’t sit parallel to each other, but that’s not a bug, that’s just the car. You can even see that in the pictures you shared.


Then they need to align the animation correctly with steering wheel alignment ASAP…cause it feels bad while driving it.


The wheel placement is really wrong…it’ll be clearly identified if seen at 180 deg in forza motorsport!! please fix it…it’s just awful…

fix this asap man…it’s annoying to drive a car like this…