Cars - 2009 Ferrari 458 Italia Modelling Issues

The Ferrari 458 Italia has been troubled with modeling errors and issues in Forza (including in the “all-new” FM) and it is still evident in FH5. In the garage, a section of the lower window is cut into a square/broken when viewing cars or upgrading or painting them.

The proportions of the car seems off as well as the rear air inlets on both sides of the rear glass panel. The air inlets/filters are completely missing and I just cannot drive this car in this state with the terrible car model. Such a shame for one of my all time favorite cars, given it was the COVER CAR for FM4.

You really need to step up your car modeling accuracy and QC systems as I’ve been seeing more and more older!recycled and newer cars as well with glaring and frankly deal breaking modeling errors


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In some cases bugs will not be fixed due to a variety of reasons. The developers have noted this issue as a high risk fix.

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