Carrera GT conversion problem

The game is really starting to irritate me. It won’t let me have a twin turbo installed while I have the hybrid engine installed in my carrera GT. When I press A to install it nothing happens it just says owned.

If anyone knows how to fix this please send me a message on Xbox or here my GT(gamer tag) is KashInc7.

Like really I pay 300k for this car and I’m not
Allowed put a turbo in my own car nice Forza. It seems that everyone els doesn’t have this problem but me. I’ve watched videos of people
Tuning their car and they have no problem
Installing it it’s sooooooooo irritating

Could be some prob with Porsche achievment , i Know there s a Problem tuning the “spyder”.

Do you think if you download a tune? and remove tune it could help?

sounds like the aspiration conversion glitch. Buy another car, and put on the conversion before downloading tunes from the storefront.

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Alright I had to buy another car so it works now. Still it’s a waste of credits plus the fact that you can’t sell cars.

To prevent this in the future, buy all possible engine upgrades and aspiration conversion combinations before downloading an unknown tune from the storefront.