Car Type: Rickshaws / Tuk-Tuks

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Car Type: Rickshaws / Tuk-Tuks

FH5 does not have a car type for Auto-Rickshaws and Tuk-Tuks. This topic would be to vote for that car type and related models to be added to the game.

I guess this is the general thread for tuk-tuk type vehicles. So in that case, I would love to see a Piaggio Ape.

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Here’s a few examples of a Tuk-Tuk and a link to Piaggio who are one of the main manufacturers of them (for some reason I can only find reference to their Tuk-Tuks on their South African site)

images (49)
images (44)


Yes please. Putting a motorcycle engine in it like Colin Furze did before would be sick.


The car you didn’t know you needed in forza: tuk tuk

Ape Piaggio

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We need this!