Car Type: Entry Level Formula Series 1960-current

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Car Type: Entry Level Formula Series

FH5 does not have a car type for entry-level Formula racing series so this topic is for adding these types of cars to the game. This topic covers any open-wheel series below Formula 3 and regional equivalents.

Examples of Entry Level Formula Series include Formula 4, Formula Ford, Formula Vee / Formula Volkswagen, Formula Mazda, Formula Junior and Formula Foundation.

Models of this type featured in Forza include:

  • 2015 Mazda Formula Mazda (FM6-FM)
  • 2013 Ford Formula EcoBoost 200 (FM5-FM7)

Formula Mazda FMzR (2021)


Formula 4 Chinese Championship 2024 at Shanghai GP
(The Saftey Car is Zeekr 001)