Car meets, cruises and relaxing

Hey guys, I’m just here looking for some people to meet and cruise around with! Leave your xbox one gamertags below! Hopefully we can get a nice group going!

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Gt: RippinEntrails

add me. Maybe we can start a club together

GT: Psycho Mantis

Down man!

When people talk about cruising, they just mean setting a point on the map and, yeah, going there, right? I personally spend a good half my time in the game trying out cars and doing just that. If you guys are fine with it, I might add you as well.

GT: stroked03stang


GT: tomawesome27

Gt: la chuckyxxxx

I love me some Highway pulls! KraziiJ

Sounds like fun… xtluckster

Add me SableCaesar3370

Gamer tag: TheUltimateRaze I’ll be on at 4:00pm PST

Down. GT: EIR Dixxyy

I am up, i added you all.

GT: I am rambo1991

Gt: thufboy1991

penduuluum add me!

GT: ChevyPendagrass

Im down! Add both gamertags
GT. chrissyc1989
GT. DriftWorkss


Always up for cruises. Add W41t3r5