Car Club for Cars and Coffee People

Hi Everyone. I go to Cars and Coffee in Dallas TX every month and I wanted to make a car club for the people who go to it, in the new Forza Horizon 2. I am not sure what the club will be called, but I will have it posted here on the reply section of the forums when I set it up. This club will mostly be for people who go to C&C, and people who know about C&C, but feel free to join if you want to know what it is. All car types will be welcome, I will also host lots of car meets to try and replicate Cars and Coffee in the game. feel free to send me a friend request so you can be the first to join the club in Horizon 2. My username is: Driveablegenie1

That sounds pretty good. I’ll certainly pop along to these if I’m on at the right time.

Will this be on xb1 or 360?