Can't Join a Trial

Been trying to enter the current Trial (“Vamos a la Playa”) all week with multiple eligible cars in my garage. Every time, the session loads up, shows my car and avatar along with my teammates’ lined up and ready to go, then cuts to the front closeup view of my car, stays on it for a good minute or two, then says I’ve been disconnected and boots me back to free roam. Oh, and my connection to the online servers has been fine/stable in free roam after reconnecting to Horizon Life after each failed attempt to join a Trial.

Anyone else having this issue or know what might be causing it?

I don’t have solution, but…

How many times have you tried?
In every trial I was in, that will be around 30+ for this week, there was one person getting DC’ed. Always person that was supposed to start from pole position.

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