Can't finish last race of prototype Racing, stuck in loop

I’m on the last race of the championship, its on LeMans. The previous race was on the Alphas. When I finish the LeMans race, I press continue, and the loading screen comes up with the announcer saying we are leaving the Alphas to continue onto LeMans. It still says I have one race remaining, no matter how many times I finish the last race. Always came in first.

This is a know issue and forza from my understanding is working on a resolution. I havent been able to find a patch date but for now i would just skip it.

Same problem was level 64 lemans last race… Called xbox hotline now my savegame is gone. When you reset the savegame on the title screen it will overwrite the old game. They said to me on the hotline that it could be downloaded from the cloud again. But that was not the truth. Don’t make the same if you like to keep your savegame…

Sorry that that happened to you but im glad you said something for the rest of us on what not to do

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