Cannot access my gift cars or find new designs feature

I seem to be having trouble accessing some of the online features like getting my gift cars and obtaining new designs from the design market. I also recently got the game through games for gold on Xbox one, i have all the free add on’s but the complete additional items like the car pass etc etc, Is there anyway to correct the issue ??


The free add on cars are available in the autoshow, I bought them all recently. They just come up as free.

I’ve had the same problem after downloading it with games with gold, If I go to the likes of upgrades>load upgrades I just get this error message “This feature has been temporarily disabled. Please see for more info”, but I can’t find anything there either


Same problem for me. Can’t download gift car. Just downloaded games with gold edition.

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Im getting the same error message as stated above. Temporarily disabled. And my Forza Hub rewards arnt getting progress for FH2 as well. So the gift car is “temporarily unavailable” and no progress on forza hub except the gamerscore line. The rest are blank when ive been playing the game quite a bit. Had the same Forza Hub problem with FMS7 recently but it got fixed.


i am having the same issue Temporarily Disabled and can not get any answers why.

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Same here. Can’t get the free cars. I can download them all but nothing shows up in garage.

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Same here,i’m getting same issue Temporarily Disabled and can’t access it.

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ditto here, hopefully an admin will notice this on Monday… was iffy buying the DLC, now feel somewhat cheated out of my money

Same issue as well just tells me to go to and this is the only thing that i’ve been able to find about any of this ???!!!

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I was able to get the cars on August 1st, and also was able to browse designs. But not even a day later it seems like all these services stopped working. I have the cars but I cannot browse designs anymore and honestly that was always such fun thing for me in any Forza that right now, in this state, I cannot play Horizon 2. I really hope things start working this week.

I got this issue too.Im pissed of because i cannot redeem my gift cars . I hope we will get a response from somebody.

….I had a time getting cars. As of last night I was able to get free cars and finally into my garage… The notice that feature has been disabled or similar when grabbing your freebee cars refers to the offer of ‘shared designs’ …no shared designs are available. But at that point choose factory color, and then your car will be added to your garage. I only had one or two cars that I would need to buy car pack to get the cars. And the shared set ups are also disabled at this time… hope this helps
As mentioned above, go to car show to perform the above procedure.

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Thank you bruh!

I can not access my Forza Horizon 2 Ten year anniversary car pack! All the cars say “Purchased” when i go to the car pack but when I click them through the car pack it just says “this vehicle has already been purchased”. They don’t show up in my garage and if i go to “Buy Cars” it says i have to pay!!!

They are really dropping the ball here. Please fix this. I hate having to be on the phone with Microsoft for hours while they tell me to reboot my system and then unplug and replug it because they have no clue how to fix this!

Still disabled… and still no answer as to why, or when it’s going to be fixed… for both the gift cars and designs.