Canadian Tire Motorsport Park / Mosport Park, Bowmanville

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Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

Canadian Tire is a real world circuit in Ontario used by IMSA.

It would be awesome to finally have a canadian race track in forza motorsport


Yes a legendary Canadian track would be a great addition to FM8.

Been a Forza fan since FM1 on OG Xbox, compared to other sim racing games Forza has always had a big presence of North American tracks by far.

We had Road Atlanta, Laguna Seca, Sonoma, Road America, Sebring, Watkins, etc FIRST of Forza.

So it makes sense to add some more well known North American tracks and there’s a tonne to choose from e.g.
Mid Ohio, New Jersey, CTMP, Charlotte, Summit Point, Barber, Detroit, Phoenix, etc. In addition to all the ones in previous Forza games. Side note: And please bring back Motegi.


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Yesss! I am all in for this! Canada needs representation in the racing game world!

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Legendary track that has hosted F1, Sportscar World Championship, IMSA, Can Am…


Really hope the developers will include this track, knowing that this is also part of the imsa calendar, the series in which the Cadillac cover car compete in

Would really love to see this track brought to life here! its a historic track with Moss Corner and the Andretti Straight. Great elevation changes, blind Apex’s and one of the fastest GP tracks in North America!


CTMP would be awesome to see along with other Great IMSA tracks like Sebring and Long Beach, Im also glad we got Mid-Ohio for launch so hopefully we can get more IMSA tracks


Dont forget NASCAR

Me and my dad would LOVE this track to be added down the road to the new Forza Motorsport!

All the tracks IMSA goes to should be in the game. Including Mosport.


Mosport International Raceway

I live a half hour away from it so it’s my home track and have always wanted to see it in a racing Sim. It’s only been in one racing game for the PS1 called Sports Car GT

Please add Mosport (CTMP) it’s an amazing circuit that’s hosted major events including F1, IMSA Sports cars, Nascar Truck Series and Trans - Am. I think it’d be a excellent addition to the game.

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Here’s an Onboard lap of CTMP through the #14 Vasser Sullivan Lexus. Vote here if you also want the Vasser Sullivan Lexus RCF GT3.

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If there’s anything in terms of content that Forza’s always been good with, it’s the IMSA schedule. CTMP’s the only one missing once the missing FM7 tracks from the schedule are updated and brought in (Daytona, Sebring, Long Beach, and Road Atlanta).


Here’s also the full race of the 2023 Chevrolet Grand Prix at Mosport.

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