Can I buy all the cosmetics to keep them out of wheel spins?

All the garbage emotes and cosmetics are such a waste of a wheel spin when we’re trying to get cars and cash, especially early game. If I’ve got millions of dollars can I just buy all that trash and then it won’t show up on the wheel spins once it registers that I own it?

No, because the developers spend a lot of time in it, so they couldn’t make the game run at max settings 60 fps on series x, and fixes a lot of bugs that we have since horizon 3. I don’t understend where are the beuty of the graphics, that everyone is saying. Playing on performance mode on series x. The beuty on this game is at 30fps, that’s not next gen.

I don’t think horns and emotes are purchaseable. If I’m not mistaken, all the ones that aren’t open by default have to be unlocked by a specific method or via Wheelspin.

Some of the clothing items can be purchased, but others are locked. I’m not sure if the ones you can buy show up on Wheelspins or not. Even if they are, once removed they probably get replaced by a low CR spin that’s less than the purchase price.

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Good points all around and you might be right about them being replaced with low dollar spins. One thing I did notice in the wheel spins this time there’s no lousy $5,000. I think the lowest I’ve seen is $25,000. It would be interesting to see if that drops off after all the clothing items have been claimed.

Can confirm that 5,000 is still a thing.

My first ever wheelspin in this game was 5000. Way too familiar.

Most games programmers would not replace clothing with low CR spins. They would just turn off the clothing item. In programming that just means changing a zero to a 1.

I’d seen people who had early access making a big song and dance about the spin prizes being better this time around. I haven’t experienced this yet and keep getting horns, dances and clothing alot more often than decent cars or big credit prizes.

I have noticed that the money prizes on Wheelspins have been higher than in 4…I spent all my money on the 5 million house and, 5 wheelspins later, I had almost 1 million again

Unfortunately, you can’t purchase horns and emotes. However, you can buy Common and Rare clothing items to keep them out of your wheelspins. Epic and Legendary clothes are always wheelspin exclusives, though.

yeh, I went on a spending spree just buying up loads of clothes, to keep them out of wheelspins. it seems to work to an extent, but I find I now get a lot of low value cash spins as a replacement, like 1000CR or whatever, seems to take thier places.

I’d prefer the credits tbh, but it’s not really an exploit as you can earn a lot more credits just by doing a random race.

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Yes, some of the things that show up in spins like clothes and emotes and horns will no longer appear in wheel spins once you own them. Unfortunately, this doesn’t increase your odds of getting big bucks and no whammies as it adds those now empty slots back as low CR rewards (under 5k). So Meh.

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Yeh, in retrospect, it’s a waste of credits overall to buy up all the cheap clothes. It does keep you from ‘winning’ them in spins though.

Based only on my own experience you’re better off just putting up with ‘winning’ yet more clothes and saving your credits for stuff you actually want.

I think I bought every item of clothing less than 30k, which adds up to a LOT, but as above, it SEEMS like they are just replaced on wheelspins for 1-5k credits, no not really a good way to spend credits.

Would really sweeten the game if they would take all the horns and emotes out of the game. And about half the number of clothes and stuff. Put stuff in the wheelspins real car people can use like side pipes, driving lights (that actually light up the night), fender flairs, and such. Things we can actually use on our cars.

creating sidepipes or other tune stuff for a given amount of cars take days or weeks of developing
creating a new texture for an existing clothing mesh is just one or a few hours developing

so its not exchangeable

Good point Cjoke23, just as with fixing programming errors the game takes days or weeks lol. It’s much easier for them to throw up a few more shirts and skirts to make us happy rather than FIX THE GAME. ok, my rant for the day, that was more fun than FH5!

Obviously no. Because this is a mechanic that has been in the game for years, and it serves the purpose of filling up the wheelspin thing. If you take down clothes and horns and emotes, wheelspins will be a completely laugh. Most horns and emotes, and clothing can be bought eventually through the forzathon shop anyways, but thats it. You better just buy whatever is left (cars) in the autoshow and forget completely about the wheelspins lol. They need to remove the 1k and 4k prices from the wheelspin. Thats the only thing they need to do.

I don’t think you bought every item of clothing for less than 30k. There are single articles of clothing which cost 100k. Although I don’t have any idea of the exact total, I know I spent nearly 2 million early on in the hopes of keeping clothing items out my wheelspins, and I still hadn’t purchased many of the then-locked items. After the WS/SWS nerf, I concluded it was the worse business decision I’d ever made in a game, lol.

Yes. Sorry what I meant wasy I bought up all the items of clothing I could that cost 30k or less per item, so all of the ‘common’ ones etc.

I retrospect it’s better to spend credits on cars and /or other players tuning set ups.