Can anyone PLEASE help me find any of the cars on this list?

I have been searching for these cars for a long time.

I will keep editing this list to keep it current.

Last updated - 4/6/24

I can pay negotiable amounts in game depending on the car.

Ty in advance for any help or consideration.

Feel free to DM me. I am also on Discord with the same name if that is easier.

Extreme E - 125

Ferrari - 2010 599 GTO, 2014 California T, 2019 F8 Tributo, 2020 SF 90 Stradale

Ford - 1946 Super Deluxe Station Wagon, Bronco Raptor


Honda - 2005 NSX-R-GT

Hoonigan 2016 Gym 9 Ford Focus

Jaguar - 2015 XKR-S-GT

Lancia - 1982 037 Stradale, 1986 Delta S4

Lexus - LC 500


Mercedes - 500 E

Nissan - Safari Turbo

Polaris 2021 pro ultimate

Porche - 2012 911 GT3 RS 4.0

Sierra - 2021 700R

Subaru - 1990 Legacy RS

Toyota - a37, a38

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I have an extra eagle speedster I can sell you. I dont have legendary and they cap out at like a mill or less. If you buy it from me just buy an m3 o8 from me for 5 mill and thats fine with me. I think thats a fair price.

The baja truck is coming in the playlist dont buy it just earn it.

Less then 2 weeks ago I needed almost exaclty all of the cars you have listed here and I sniped them all off the auction house you just gotta be fast and keep looking. If I find any extra to snipe Ill let you know.

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I really appreciate it. The eagle is one I have been wanting for a long time.

Thank you so much.

How do we do this?

and YES the price is totally fair to me

if any of yall have an extra audi rs6/rs7 sportback I’ll be willing to pay good cash for them
I’m also looking for the raesr tachyon speed and the aventador j

I’m looking for CHEVROLET CORVETTE C8 Z06 I will buy it for 20 mil or change for Mini Cooper S Forza edition or Koenigsegg CCGT or 2 Nio EP9s or Hoonigan Gymkhana 10 Ford Hoonicorn Mustang 1965

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I will keep my eye out and try to help

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Im guessing you mean the 2021 and not the 2013 cars right?

Yes the new one C8 generation

yes and I got it today tho

You have C8 Z06 Corvette?

I got the MG6 Xpower

I have an extra Eagle Speedster if you still need one

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I do but I want it since it’s the only one I have

Super simple. You give me some times when you will be on and the timezone you are in, in a DM. We then both get on the auction house and you look up the car and I post it and you buy it fast. I can explain all the sniping tips and details if your new to it, there’s a few things you will want to do.

Thanks and yes Im new to it so I am learning my way around still.

I appreciate the help and will DM you.

Thanks again!

Editing the list to keep it current.

I was fortunate enough to get the Eagle. Ty so much.

I am still looking for a number of cars.

how much for the amg Gt s 2015

Im looking to obtain the cars. Do you have one to offer?


sorry i worded it weirdly