Can anyone help me with a good time attack class escort cosworth?

Hey all I had a s class escort cosworth I used all the time in forza 4 the tune was gifted to me by a guy called EMW Holty the car was amazing to use and I was wondering if there are any top tuners here like him who would be kind enough to help me with a great set up for the escort cosworth my only ask is that it has the wrc spoiler and front bumper options :blush: thanks guys for your time on this

I have a build/tune which I transferred from FM5 and was used on a tuning comp at the Ring which I started working on tweaks for FM6. If your interested, I’ll let you know when it’s ready. Should be in about a day.

Just shared the S-class Cosworth. Check it out if you’d like. Thanks!


Maybe give the guy a shout - his GT is now “l holty l” - I’m sure he’d help if you asked nicely.

PTG Claret , thanks i will add him to my friends later when back on the guy was a legend on fm4 for helping

relaxedPRKid , thanks for the set up its a great start for me and i really appreciated tht just a little too much understeer with it though