Campaign / Festival Playlist Question

For two seasons now, I have a number 1 in the yellow box indicating some action or notification is pending on my Campaign header & The Festival Playlist card.
I have inspected it as close as I’m able to and have no idea what it’s indicating or asking me to do.
As a relative newbie, I have no doubt that I’m missing something here and would love to be educated on it.
Thanks for your help.

Well, the number indicates that you have unlocked a specific reward vehicle (for example, if you reached 50% for a specific week, then you will have unlocked that vehicle, assuming the reward is a vehicle of course) so you need to go to whichever season is showing the number, and click x to claim said reward.

If no rewards are showing as unclaimed, then it sounds like a bug…I’d try a power cycle of your console: Fully turn it off, unplug it for 30 seconds then plug back in and power up. See if that fixed it


Hi Nursemorph,
Thank you so much for your quick response. This is showing up on my PC frontend for the XBox Game Pass. I have such numbers for on the car tab for “Car Mastery”, My Horizon tab for Messages and wheel spins, etc.
This is the first and only time I’ve seen the number appear on the Campaign tab and when I try to find what it goes to, I end up with nothing. I also couldn’t find any documentation on what, if any notices, would even appear on the Campaign tab.
Anyway, I again really appreciate your help … if anything, I feel just a bit less intimidated by my lack of knowledge.
Cheers and happy motoring … Dave

Go to the playlist and press LB to cycle all the way to the left. You may have a reward on the monthly tab. If all else fails just press LB till it stops going left, then press X to claim rewards, then press RB and press X again, etc. There should be a button prompt at the bottom of the screen to check previous playlists/series history too, in case you have a reward from a previous series. I think its start/hamburger icon? I can’t remember.

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There are 4 menu items that will display a number on the Campaign Tab (at least I think it’s 4):

Playlist: When you have unlocked a reward, either for a specific season or for the overall Series
Accolades: When you have unlocked an Accolade that has a reward attached to it, whether it’s a car, clothes or emote
Badges: When you’ve unlocked a badge such as certain number of Open races etc.
Festival Outpost Map: Indicates you have earned enough XP to be able to unlock the next Outpost

However, all of these, when looking at the Campaign tab, will show the number over the relevant box…if it’s showing it over Playlist, then it’s a Playlist notification. It’s not a known issue in the FH5 list and I haven’t seen it mentioned for this game but, in FH4, sometimes there would be a notification with nothing to claim but that was generally an issue for a large number of players rather than a one-off.

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A good idea … I’ll give it a whirl. Thx for your help, it’s truly appreciated. Cheers …


Thank you for thinking this through … what you stated so clearly was along the lines of what I was thinking, just a bit less organized in my thought process.
I ran through all you had mentioned as potential answers and still nothing. I can only believe it’s one of those one off glitches have little to no effect on the game. If it had been important, I’m sure it would of bit me by now,

Thanks to you all for the quick and thoughtful responses. Cheers and happy motoring to you all. Dave