C500 1994 Mazda Miata. No aero tune. Lucky Taco paint collaboration with PTG MiMiC!

[Super Street Lucky Taco!

Tuned by: SP01LED JAM1E
Class: C
Car: 1994 Mazda MX 5
Name of shared tune: C500 Lucky Taco

Painted by: PTG MiMiC
Description of shared paint: Lucky Taco - PTG MiMic - tune by SP01LED JAM1E

This tune has matching paint to go with it! Search the paints under PTG MiMiC. This paint was re-created by PTG MiMiC from real life photos that I had taken at a real life event at Road America. The tune can be driven at all tracks. Massive amounts of grip for a no aero tune.

185 hp
159 lb-ft
2,030 LBS.

Now here is the background story. As some of you may or may not know I have been playing the Forza series for a long time. I have been previously involved with some pretty cool people in this game series. I was part of the Crumpet’s crew in FM 2 and then was recruited by Poor Boys Tuning. Poor Boys then joined forces with Turbo Tuning and became PBTurbo. Well a lot of those crew members are no longer around or they got new names and left us. I have been tuning for a long time. Some of you like my tunes and others not so much. Either way thanks for trying them.

I had reached out to PTG MiMiC sometime ago, and asked if he would ever like to collaborate with me. MiMiC is a really god Forza painter if some of you do not know this you will now! He accepted, and I was honored to have working with me. I sent him the source pictures below from one of the many events at Road America that I am privileged to attend. Long story short MiMiC knocked this out of the park with this in Forza re-creation. All of the details are there! All of them, have a look for yourself, and make sure to start following his work.

Please make sure to leave any feed back in this thread what so ever. If you like the tune and paint or just simply hate all of it. Please remember that this is a no aero tune. But I am almost positive you will drive it hard without noticing it. Enjoy and thanks a lot everyone!

These are the pictures that I provided MiMiC

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Nice. Very unique.
Will dl both tune and paint, then like.

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I’m going to have to dl both of these mate, it seems like a really funky kind of car!

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saw this car the other day, looks stunning! Will grab both tune and paint for sure

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Yes MiMiC really re-created this car to the real life photos. The amount of detail he has put in to this paint is really hard to explain. I am going to make the real pictures bigger in this thread so that you can all really see and appreciate how good he did with this one. I am very glad to see the positive response to this car.

Please let me know what you think of the tune. I know a lot of people really do not like to go in to a lobby race without aero, but I am positive that I can start to win some people over. This tune will work well at the Ring too. Do not be afraid. This car has a top speed somewhere around 140 mph which is respectful for a 1.8 Liter C class tune. The tune is very versatile. Thanks a lot for looking.

One of the real pictures

forgot to grab this today will run it tomorrow hopefully, message me to remind me hahaha

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It drives really well mate and the paint is the business.

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