C-Class Spa S2000, looking for feedback

Hello all,

As the subject says, I’ve an S2000 built and tuned specifically for Spa (my favorite track) and I would hope some here would be willing to give it a go and give me some feedback. I’ve been tinkering with tuning since FM4, and I feel as though I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

I’m currently top of the C-Class Spa leaderboard for The Americas, but I was using a 1997 Civic, which I don’t really find to be that great of an accomplishment, since it’s well…a '97 Civic. That’s why I’ve been trying to find something to beat it with. I’ve managed around 2:43.5xx with my S2000, which would place it at the #3 spot, and I feel confident that it can go faster, but I feel I’m simply not a good enough driver to pull it off.

What I’m really looking for, however, is some feedback on the tune itself as I find myself struggling to build and tune RWD cars so that they can be driven with as much confidence and stability as my FWD cars.

Any commentary would be appreciated, and please do give it a go, post some laptimes, too, if you could, please!

The tune is called: Spa Tuned S2000

And the tuner is (me) : xF4LC0NxPUNCHx (that’s a ‘four’ and a ‘zero’ in falcon)

P.S. It’s built/tuned around driving with an XBOX controller, ABS, no TCS/STM, manual with clutch

I love the the s2k and im not to shabby either I’ll give it a whirl and compare it against my own tune. I don’t think ive set a time on spa yet either so theres another good reason too

After a nightshift I’ve managed a 2:43.3 the tune feels good I would maybe stiffen sway bars a little more but I reckon when I’m more awake there a 42 in it

Amazing tune! Put up a 42.1 half asleep aND with rewind cuz I was tired and didn’t wanna run a million laps I hit a 41.3

Might try a tweaked build tho. Don’t think the race trans is necessary. Could prolly go with full weight reduction and a cage instead of tire width. Might have to put a heavier rim on it though

So glad that people were able to give it a go and that good times were made!

I will absolutely look into a version 2 using some of the feedback here. I am curious, what would the point of a heavier rim be? I have to admit, I limit myself slightly on builds because I try to pick wheels and wheel sizes that don’t look ridiculous, even if it’s a slight detriment to the lap times.

Well when I copied your build without the race trans but with race weight and stock tires width it was at b501 but a 10 lb heavier rim from stock dropped it back to c500.

Edit I don’t think you have to put dubs on it. Just something heavier than stock

And if you find you need tire width you can probably go back to street intake… the tune is really really good but when lap times are the goal the best possible build is the largest factor…I dropped about 0.8 on my own c class 2000 at Silverstone gp from my original build. At leaSt 0.5 of that was just from slightly tweaking the build

As for your tune it fit me to a tee. I’ve never driven something so stable that didn’t understeer on exit at full throttle, your tune just keeps pulling the front end around perfectly without over doing it and scrubbing on exit… I’m a decent driver but if you found someone who could put up legit #1s and your tune fit their driving style I wouldn’t be surprised if they were flirting with high 239s low 240s

This is excellent to hear. On my rear drive cars I always have such a hard time building and tuning them such that the rear doesn’t constantly want to come out under throttle, while at the same time making sure that I’m not pushing the front because I have too much rear tire or too soft of a spring/damper/ARB setting out back. It’s honestly damper settings that have done my head in for the longest time, and I think I’ve finally started to figure them out.

Yeah dampers still have my head spinning. I assume that’s why my tunes never quite feel right

Alright, so I’ve taken folks’ advice and made a new build, I’ve managed to go 0.6 sec faster with than the previous one so far, if anyone wants to see if they like that one better (or worse)

I had to re-upload the original one because apparently I’m an idiot and I deleted it.

The new one is called: Spa Tuned S2K LW

Love the new tune too… what are the chances you would make another tune exactly the same as the new tune but instead of the sport trans and race roll cage you letlet those stock, added a street intake and tuned the brake pressure to 150? Hehe it’s very very good but I think the trans is holding it back

I’m a fan of it, works really well for me on small tracks compared to ones that are long. Cornering is pretty good, mainly goods and perfects. I’ve only just converted to Manual and it’s a nice gear changes, not to quick that your misjudging corners like I have on other tunes. You’ve converted to me this car and it’s one I will use when I have to use a C car. Great stuff and you have a fan :slight_smile:

Gladly. I’ve tried to do it, but going to stock trans, stock cage, and street intake puts me at a C-507

Glad to hear it :slight_smile:

Hmmmmmm try this build
Street intake
Race everything in platform and handling except stock roll cage
Street drive line
Race diff
Forza aero
Cf supercharger conversion

Sorry if I’m being a pain but I can taste 40s and I love this car and track…about to start trying on your new tune and see what I can put up. my Silverstone tune ,which is horrible at spa btw, was just as fast… which is why I think it’s the build…again kudos on the tune. My Silverstone tune has more grip on paper but your tune feels like it has waaaay more grip on the track… that’s not an easy feat ( or maybe I just suck at tuning which is entirely possible )

Just found out I ran into the load tune bug where it doesn’t load the front of the downloaded tune properly… deleted and reinstalled your tune and ran a 40.7 dirty… gonna try to take 3rd overall (1st non glitch car)

Edit. Just put up a 40.9…8 tenths slower than my fastest with rewind. :confused: now I’m chasing 39s… stupid addictive game haha

Edit again: did it!! 40.667 #1 besides the minis

Had another run in it today tune is great on all the tracks I’ve tried it on can’t complain about it at all. It’s very capable and competitive at the minute but I’m sure once dlc’s are released it’ll slip down the board a bit so I wouldn’t fixate on trying to improve it to much, it’s a great all round tune where it is. I’d like to try a B and A class tune for it from you if you get the chance to do them, you’d have a lot more freedom for the builds mods wise and I’d really appreciate it love the s2k but I’m not great at tuning and don’t have enough time for it working shifts the time I do get to spend on forza I prefer to spend racing, we’ll have to get a race going sometime

Oh I’m sure it won’t last, I bet a few people could probably get the same tune down near or into the 38s. Just annoys me that I can’t put a lap together

Yeah definitely more in it I only give it a few laps each track I choose spa not my favourite so didn’t spend to much on it ,too many new tracks to try I haven’t got round them all yet, I’ll also pick up that rework of the tune try it tomorrow good work again falcon

That is lovely!!
I’d be most keen to try your civic set up, as I have one in game very similar to my real life car! :grinning:

I made a new '97 Civic last night. It’s not necessarily any faster around Spa than the previous one, but I feel like it’s nicer to drive. It’ll still pull #2 spot on Spa in the Americas, and I’ve currently got it at the #3 spot on Nurburgring GP in the Americas, though it’s capable of #2 there, as well.

Tune is simply called: civic LW

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