Buying vinyls

How do you find individual vinyls to buy? I tried looking for them but all I can find is entire car designs for the car I’m currently using. For instance, I made up a license plate design and shared it. 4 people apparently bought it but when I search for it so my friend can get it I can’t find it. Can anyone help?

You have to go to “create vinyl group” then scroll to “curated groups” I think it’s called. From there you can search for whatever you wish.

You can find them by going into Apply Decals, New Layer, Apply Vinyl Group, and then pressing the ‘View’(used to be the Back button) on the controller to search the ‘storefront’ for user-made designs.

Alternatively, like Ace Ventura said, you can go into Create Vinyl Group, and then search.

I don’t know where this “curated groups” bit is but I did it the other way. What a silly way of finding them. These menu systems could be a little better. You get people’s designs totally for free right?

Yes designs don’t have any cost associated with them.

I have tried to find community vinyls both ways you guys mentioned. Neither works. I tried going to Create Vinyl Group and I can’t scroll or search from there…its just the create screen.
The other way, I assume, is in Paint Car and I go to Apply Decals>New Layer>Load a Layer Group (because there is no “Apply Vinyl Group”) and all that does is bring up the ones I created. I pressed every button on the controller and there is no search or storefront. What am I doing wrong here??? This is infuriating and confusing!

…same here :frowning:

You need to actually be on the create screen as if your going to paint a car. Go to add vinyls and tab across to the community vinyls (tab far left). Then you can search for them by pressing one of those Xbox menu buttons.

In the apply vinyls section. Go to to apply shapes. I think the first choices that pop up is for the basic shapes like squares, circles, triangles. Then use the left shoulder button and it will bring up Community Created vinyls. Then press the “back” button or the little circle to the left of the silver Xbox button on your controller. The “back” button is also directly opposite of the “start” button on the controller.

Thanks a lot guys! I don’t know how I missed that lol. It isn’t where it logically should be in menus but its simple to get to once you know where to find it :slight_smile:

Wow! This is literally the dumbest way to get vinyls. EPICALLY f**king dumb. I hope 7 fixes this garbage.

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It doesn’t…unfortunately…