Button mapping on Xbox SX „Wheel „

When racing online with wheel (Fanatec) I can’t participate on voting for next track because the is no „L“ button on the wheel.

Why can’t we just map the button as we wish, I would also like to reconfigure the look back button and map two buttons to look right and left.

Hopefully this will be regarded in future.

PS. where did the Hopper GT Ghost go??? It has been replaced by GR Vintage Ghost???

Yes it rotates, I think it’s 6 divisions. That is the one after Forza GT. Each division stays for 2 weeks than rotates. It’s the same 6 repeated.
Scroll down towards the middle for the list

Thanks leetorts for the information.

Now that’s really annoying. GT cars are really popular and there were always manny drivers around. I also invested some time in fine tuning some cars for the individual tracks.

It doesn’t help to grow a community with good drivers for a specific racing type.

Why not offer all of these different race types at the same time, so that drivers will invest more time because they know that they will not disappear suddenly.

PS. vintage ghost GT race rooms are really empty

Forza GT ghost is really the only consistently busy one. The thing is the people that cut (and there’s a lot of them in ghost hoppers) can’t get away with it in the other divisions they rotate. They like the P class one too but they have trouble handling those cars so not as busy. In the other 4 divisions the cars are too slow for cutting to be really effective so a lot of people just don’t show up. It’s pathetic really. They like beating people they can’t beat by cutting but as soon as the tables turn they run for the hills.

That’s true.

Wish Turn10 would add race regulation rules to that race series.

No idiots that crash into you and less cutting corners.

Is someone from Microsoft reading all these posts? Never saw Anny feedback here?