Bugatti Type 57 1934-1940

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Bugatti Type 57

This topic is for all road versions of the Type 57; vote on the racing 57C and 57G Tank separately.


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Which body type do you prefer?

  • Coupe
  • Cabriolet (Drop Head)
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Which version do you prefer?

  • Type 57 original wheelbase
  • Type 57 T Tourer
  • Type 57 S/SC Aérolithe (including Grainger Guild of Automotive Restorers replica)
  • Type 57 S/SC Coupé Aero
  • Type 57 S Atlantic Coupé
  • Type 57 S Atalante
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It would be amazing to have this car in the game. One of the first super, if not hypercars of its day. Capable of reaching 190 km/h in the 1930s!

Full Forzavista version please! (Opening doors hood trunk)


Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic (1938)

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‘The Crew 2’ has this car, and I think it would be a miracle if Forza will get it and maybe make it as a potential barn-find!



Forza Motorsport:

Bugatti 57G LeMans #2 (1937)

Forza Horizon:

Bugatti T57 SC Sports Tourer Vanden Plas (1938)

Type 57 Cabriolet “Graber”:

Type 57 SC “Atalante”:

Type 57 S/SC Cabriolet “Aravis”:

Type 57 “Galibier”:

Type 57 “Ventoux”:

Type 57 Roadster “Grand Raid Ganglof”:

Type 57 Cabriolet:

Type 57 C Cabriolet:

Type 57/C Coach “Labourdette - Vutotal”:

Type 57 Coach:

Type 57 Berline:

Type 57 SC Cabriolet:

Type 57C Coupe:

Type 57 C “Aérolithe” Recreation:

Type 57 S:


I thought that car was light green?


Yeah, that could possibly be talking about the original one. In my post it’s just the recreation. So, it seems they haven’t used the original color… Shame on them… :wink:

The one I posted is a recreation of the original car. The original car is lost, possibly disassembled by Bugatti back in the day

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This is a Legendary Vintage classic made by Bugatti. The 1937 Type 57SC Atlantic.

It has a supercharged 3.3 DOHC Inline-8 engine producing 175HP, paired to a 4-speed Manual gearbox.

Bugatti made this sleek classy car as their vintage history can tell. As how this car can perform, it can do the challenge with all the other 1930’s vehicles. This variation of Bugatti Type 57 is super rare that a lucky owner gets to keep the car in mint condition for many years.

This wasn’t available in Forza universe entirely, so this will be New-to-Forza as we want to take a view of this super iconic classic. A collector’s car in display must be taken care of.


Perhaps the most beautiful car ever made, & one of the fastest cars of its day. It’s Jean Bugatti’s masterpiece. Lowered, supercharged, aerodynamic, only 4 ever made, a true hypercar of the 30s. There are a million reasons why this car should be in game, but just look at it…that’s reason enough.


Ok, now it looks like The Crew Motorfest has the Type 57!

And it appears like they used Ralph Lauren’s black one to model it! If they can do it, Forza can too! (Or they could try to scan the blue one at the Mulin Automotive Museum in L.A.)


This car has been laying in their library since about late '16, they’ll likely bring it in with some sort of French update

Really?? How did you figure that out?

Was the car leaked in Forza’s game files at some point?

1936 Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic