Bugatti’s next hypercar to use V16 Engine (sound)

Rumors say it revs to 9 grand and it was developed by cosworth. Listen below.

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I hope we could see this in both FM & FH5, ASAP! and i really,really want to see the final design of this car! :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Between 3 and 4 months left! We’re definitely getting the next generation of Bugatti in Forza. If isn’t a question, it’s WHEN.

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I hope you’re right, because licensing is not easy…

I think it’s just difficult for race cars, correct me if I’m wrong. We got the Chiron shortly after it came out, and the Nevera, and Battista are in the game. T10 don’t really have problems licensing popular road car manufacturers. We’re not missing any popular hyper cars I don’t think. I’m 100 percent sure Bugatti-Rimac/Porsche is coming to the game. All three have strong ties with T10.

Edit: Expect the Revuelto soon as well :wink:

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If this comes to FM it will not sound the same we all know how the car sounds guy is deaf

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:rofl: That crossed my mind when posting this. They’ll probably get it right in FH5, and ruin it for FM. Hopefully they just use the V-series.R file since they sound identical.

They’ll probably mess that up like they did with the Mclaren, Lamborghini, and Ferrari engines used across different platforms.

It checks all the boxes for a car sound to be mutilated by the Motorsport sound team. Hopefully since it’s such a popular brand enough people will complain to get it fixed.

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But a company like T10 needs to do things always right, they are licensed game it can’t happen record a bad car sound. Record it and then just put it into the game. Pure as it is.

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It sounds to me like Forza is using some sort of sound synthesis method to get these car sounds. They’ve moved away from their conventional audio reproduction methods which won’t pay off because digital audio will never compare to analog audio.

I guess digital audio is easier to work with, that’s the only benefit I can think of as to why they would change it. I wish they would be more transparent with their sound capturing/design process, but they’ve stayed silent this time around.

I don’t get why they took something that worked and canned it for something that didn’t. It’s a kick in the groin knowing that this car is coming to this game and that there’s a 5% chance of them getting the sound right.

I definitely wouldn’t mind a change in the sound department. It’s needed badly.

Well, your right, but don’t forget that we still don’t have some special edition bugatti’s (example: chiron super sport +300) and we still don’t have the original veyron.

The original Veyron is in FM4. We have the Veyron SS, and I don’t think there’s a need for the 300+ in the game. The production versions are all limited to 273 mph which is only 12 mph more than the Chiron’s limited top speed.

The bolide is coming too so that would defeat the purpose of a 1,600 PS W16 that’s slower and doesn’t turn as good, or look as good imo. The bolide is the only Bugatti besides the Chiron and Divo that’s relavent. Everything else is just a tiny step up, with little changes to weight, power, lateral acceleration etc.

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Wait, what?! How do you know that?! :exploding_head:

It’s too popular of a car not to come to Forza. The only way it doesn’t come to Forza is if they don’t make press cars, and Journalists don’t get their hands on one. It looks like there will be press cars that started their lives as prototypes so count on it. :wink:

Edit: OR Motorsport dies before they get a chance in which there’s always Horizon.

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