[BUG] Forza HUB Rewards never appear in Horizon 4

Dear Forza Team,

I am a huge fan of your work and loved Horizon 3!

While the Forza Hub Reward always worked for me in Horizon 3, it does not work for Horizon 4 at all. I tried it 2 times now, once on XBOX, once on PC. I skip system and specs since it behaves exactly the same on XBOX and PC.

What I do:

  • Open Forza Hub
  • Click on Get Rewards (Belohnungen abholen)


  • Rewards in Hub get reset
  • Message ingame in Horizon 4 containing reward

What really happens:

  • Rewards in Hub get reset

I waited for days, tested on both systems and - as mentioned above - it worked for me exactly that way for Horizon 3. Could someone have a look at my account or the behaviour of the HUB Rewards? I already lost 1.2m Dollar. That is absolutely cool, but it would not be cool to loose more and more money over the next weeks!

Thanks a lot and please feel free to ask questions

I now saw that The Forza HUB does not seem to know that I own Forza Horizon 4 at all!

Horizon 3 says “stream the game” and Horizon 4, like all others, “more info”.

Could someone of the support please fix this? Should be a fast one inside the HUB database I guess?