BuckledWharf5 Photo Gallery Extravaganza Blowout Mini-Mega Collection (UPDATED- 07/29/15)

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BuckledWharf5 Design Gallery

Here’s some of my shots from Forza that I’ve taken over the last month or so of owning the game. Most of these were taken during free roam when I was trying to get all of the Horizon Promos done(which I’m 317 out of 317 now, but I digress). Also most of my shots are untouched, other than just a couple that I went with a black and white on to fit the style and a couple I went with a tilt shift to get the model car feel from it. Thanks for taking a look and hopefully you enjoy. Look me up on Xbox One(BuckledWharf5) as well to see more of my stuff. I’ve got more photos, several designs, a couple of tunes. Pretty much whatever you need. Thanks for taking a look and I hope you enjoy

Also I have a question that maybe you guys can help me with. I have a lot of designs that I’d like to showcase and get out there for you guys to see and hopefully enjoy. What’s the best way to go about that, upload them here in this section or in one of the other sections of the forum? Thanks for any help.

Not bad! You can post designs in the race or fantasy paint sections.

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+1 to that. You have some pretty decent shots for those pictures being untouched. I like them. I especially like the second picture, it has a open kind of feel to it. Similar to what iHomie said, you can post your designs in the design sections and tunes in the Tuning section, but it’s nice to see pictures with cars that have some creativity to them

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Appreciate the feedback fellas. Gonna post my designs in the paint section as soon as the servers stop actin’ a fool and I can get them uploaded.

Update- 07/02/15

A few more shots of mine. Again, mostly untouched and free roam shots. Thanks for taking a look. I’m also in the process of posting some of my liveries over in the paint section so if you want to go over and check them out that would be appreciated. I’ll post a link to it once it is posted.

Also I have a couple of questions. Actually just picked up Forza Horizon 1 and I’ve been snapping some shots on there as well. The only problem is I can’t seem to get them to show up in my gallery on here. Am I just incorrectly assuming that you can do that or am I doing something wrong? And is there a way to access your shots from FH1 so that I can post them on here or am I gonna have to bootleg it and take pictures of my TV and post them?

Again, thanks for looking and if you see anything you like please take a second and search me up (BuckledWharf5) and download/like any of my designs, tunes, photos, etc. Thanks.

Just before death

Idea from a photo I saw on the Turn 10 Picks. Shout out to the original. Wish I could get your name but I can’t access the game right now.

Really like the last shot, seeing the sail boat just adds so much more.

For FH1 shots, you should be able to see them. Some days you’ll get unlucky and one game’s photos won’t show up, then appear later. It may also be that you’re just starting the game, so it’s catching up.

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Thanks man. I was reading some forum posts elsewhere and some people had some trouble a while back with them and it looks like that was their problem there. Just sometimes photos not showing up. I’m gonna give it a day or two and see what happens. Hopefully they will show up. If not, I’m not beyond taking pictures of my TV. There’s no shame in this game.

EDIT- Here’s the link to my design gallery. BuckledWharf5 Design Gallery

Thanks for taking a look. Here’s the link to my design gallery. BuckledWharf5 Design Gallery

And as always, if you like anything just look me up and download some stuff.

UPDATE- 07/13/15

Also working on an update over at my design thread. Got some cool stuff going on there if you wanna check it out. Here’s a link. BuckledWharf5 Design Gallery

Thanks for taking a look and liking, commenting, etc.

Nice shot!

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UPDATED- 07/20/15

Link to my design gallery- BuckledWharf5 Design Gallery

Nice work!

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Great perspective!

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Thanks for the feedback everyone. Lethal Drift, glad you like that one. I was hesitant about it as I normally wouldn’t frame something dead center but I knew I wanted to frame it inside the trees in the foreground so I had to compromise on the rule of thirds a little(or a lot)

UPDATE- 07/25/15

I’ve decided to start playing around a little more and going for a more stylized look as opposed to a stock image type of feel, starting with the last two pictures of the GTX. My next few updates will be more selective focus, posed shots, altered colors/exposure, etc. Hope you guys enjoy.

Also updating my design gallery here so here’s a link if you guys wanna check that out. BuckledWharf5 Design Gallery

I really like the third shot!

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This pic just looks so realistic to me! Awesome pics you got there, bro!

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Killer angle and lighting!

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UPDATE- 07/29/15

Glad to see a lot of you guys digging the photos. Makes it easier to post when you know people are actually enjoying what it is you’re posting. Today we’ve got some more stylized pictures, for the most part, as opposed to my usual stock photo type of feel. Hope you guys like it.

Link to my design gallery- BuckledWharf5 Design Gallery

I actually stopped to get a picture of the Countach below but noticed I was lucky to time it right and catch the flames shooting out of my car too so I went ahead and grabbed one of it.

That last shot of the bus is a killer!

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