Bucket list number13 ignore the road in a browler EXR S

i driven this one like 20 times now and i keep being like 20yards short from finishing i watched youtube movies and they take the exact same route i do, i cant go any faster or my car flips over.
did they change the time limit or something? its verry anoying to see the finish line but run out of time every time.
anyone has advice on this ? i go as fast as i can i drive the exact line as ppl use in youtube movies and the time limit is soo short. did they do this im purpose? to make ppl mad…

Single player or co-op? In single player it’s not that bad because you can use rewind and pause the game at any point. I haven’t watched the YouTube videos, but I did this one a bunch of times online and always just pointed the car directly at the checkpoint in the distance and only let off the throttle slightly when I was passing through heavy woods with a small house on the left. The only other somewhat tricky part is towards the final stretch where you need to hit the festival road at a slight angle around some trees. It’s easier to explain when you’re actually doing it in co-op. The bottom line is go as fast and straight as possible and use rewind if you nail a tree.