Broken lobbys

What is with lobbys disconnecting? This happens far to often, and just to make it better when I then research for a lobby Forza has a very bad habit of putting me in a lobby which has just started racing. Am I gonna wait 3-5 laps just to see it the lobby will disconnect AGAIN! No chance, so just endlessly searching for a lobby on the last lap or all back in lobby. So Turn 10 is there a fix or not?
I would just like to point out that I love the game but you (turn 10) make it very hard to play online most of the time. I have come here after 4 disconnects in a row, and while writing this have had 2 races and another disconnect. How hard is it?

It’s not that its hard, its that they have your money and no longer care.

I tried racing on Friday evening, three disconnects… two the next day. This is almost every other race… and its disconnecting entire rooms, not just me…I get back in the lobby I was removed from and there is one, maybe two people left.

Turn ten created this when nov update was introduced.All the d/c started immediately after the update…

It is pretty bad…just no response from them for some reason. We are not getting the quality multiplayer game we paid for…

I understand that this problem may not be fixable over night, but we do deserve an explanation for the degraded quality of our gaming experience…and what they are going to do to fix it.