So, I am a big fan of GT Racing. Always watch the WEC and IMSA Series abd the 24h races and 12h races, you get the idea. One of my favorites is the chonky boi M8GTE/GTLM. So I raced it in its GT3/GTE class, (which is stupid because GT3 and GTE/GTLM is something copletely diffrent, GTE cars are quite a bit faster than gt3 cars) and you have to homolagete these cars. I always felt like the M8 is down on Power on the straight line and now I know why. It origanilly has a Score of R855 and because of those rules the car is watered down to that weird mix of massive grip and not being able to catch a tuned Civic on the straight Lines. THIS ARE NOT THE CARS THAT ARE RACING IN REAL LIFE, TO COMPETE IN THEIR CLASS YOU HAVE TO MAKE THEM SLOWER !! I alway use thoses open track day lobbies to compete (because the endurance multyplayer is completely full of crashkids) and there I know wanna use the REAL Car, not that little baby version. But some people may now think i got no skill and extra gave the M8 more Power (which isnt the case) and will hate me for it. But FR who thought of this GT Class? Mixing together GT3 and GTE/GTLM is really stupid and I think there is even a GT4 Cayman in the Mix that is just OP. Now i wanna know: live with the fact that the real M8 is kept locked from me because OF CoPeTiTiVe ReAsOnS or just get on with it and race the real car?