Brilliant game...Loving Freeroam Rush!

Played online co op team championship with mates today. We were up against drivatars who meant business…incredible fun! Just loving this game!!
Im absolutely loving Freeroam Rush on Adventure too. It was always part of the experience and added to the final race score tally which I think some members here are forgetting…but now its a proper structured race its just awesome. Its what it shouldve been in the first place!
What tbe moaners forget is you have an option to turn it ON or OFF.
What I would like to see in the next patch is tjat poor steam train given some love. In multiplayer its VERY laggy unfortunately.

Ah, no, we the moaners can not turn it off. We can have a street racing championship (with street racing cars, you know?) and 2 out of 5 “street” races are pure offroad. There is no option, that’s how it is.

Tell you what, we’re not going to follow a thread complaining about an issue that gets locked with one arguing the contrary position, At least not in the same 24 hour period.