Brands Hatch

I am tuning the BMW Z4 for Brands Hatch and I can´t handle the fast /mid-fast uphill corners. I´ve tuned it so that I can trail-break and the car is very stable in corners on flat tracks. But on the uphill-corners at Brands Hatch, if I only add a very little break with very little steering input, or if I´m only a little to fast I loose the back and the car suddenly spins out without having a chance to catch it.
I think its a thing about the dampers, but whatever I try, nothing helps to get this behavier better. Does anyone know on what helps in this situation ?

they’ll need to know your settings. if you want to post it I’m sure somebody has the answer. are you not running aero? what class are you tuning it for?

…sorry , I forgot, it´s the Gt3 Z4 , R-Class. I reseted my tune and did only a base tune . Springs front 100, rear 75, ARB front 21,93 rear 8,85 breaks 65% front. Everthing else is stock. I tried full aero in the rear but that doesn´t help.

That’s some soft Spring rate right there… It’s very probably your diff lock. Try setting the rear diff lock higher… Say 82% just to test it… Could also be the extremely soft ARB on the rear… Let us know exactly what you’ve got on parts and settings we’ll be able to help you.

You either need to explain more what car is doing. But you should likely lower accel and/or add rear aero.

500rabbits. You have dif backwards un less u were talking about decel

Yeah I was talking about decel. Should’ve made that clearer I guess though I do personally run a high acceleration lock too… Just works better for me.

The way what he’s said reads is that he’s loosing the rear on the brakes on cambered corners up and downhill on and off camber, so the first adjustment I’d make it crack that decel diff lock right up and stiffen the rear ARB.

Ok try these settings. Presume you’re fully upgraded, so try this.

Tyre pressure

Final drive 4.32
1st 3.00
2nd 2.13
3rd 1.62
4th 1.31
5th 1.11
6th 0.97






Ride height






I got no oversteer on the brakes while turning or in a straight line no matter what the tracks doing. As you’ve not given enough info to fix the problem you’re having I’ve taken the time to put together a comprehensive setup for you.

Try it out and let me know how you get on.

thanks for your response. Ok I try to explain more exact whats the problem. I got problems with two corners of the GP-Track.
First ist the first long uphill lefthander (where the club-track goes right). I need to slow down very much before the corner. I could go faster in but when I´m only adding a little breaks in the mid of the corner the car spins suddenly out.
Second is the second righthander after the following compression. when I´m only a little bit too fast and I´m only steering without throttle or break, it´s the same thing, the car suddenly loose the back and in such a fast way, you couldn´t catch the spin. I tried more decel-diff, more rear downforce but it´s the same thing. I tried different damper settings but the behavior on these two situationes don´t change.
My springs are so soft because its a wavy track and i thought that would add mechanical grip. the rear ARB is so soft because I want to elemenate the oversteer of this car in many situations.
I´ll try your settings and report if this fix the problem. thanks.
and sorry for my english…
p.s. the car is fully upgraded, its the GT version

Honestly, the problem here isn’t really your tune but your driving. braking on an Apex in a GT car? Gonna crash. In the second example, it sounds like you’re saying “when I go too fast, I crash”. Well … don’t? :slight_smile: Yes, there’s plenty of things you can do with the setup but that is to promote certain vehicle dynamics, not compensate for poor driving. Keep practicing and work up slowly rather than trying to make a tune that will allow you to do things physics ain’t gonna allow.

I´ve tried your settings. First only the differential-settings -and the car was very more stable in these two corners. and the time was 1 sec faster :slight_smile:
then I´ve tried all settings. the car feels good, stable but the time was 1 sec slower… I´ll try these setting a little bit longer. maybe i need to get used to it or it don´t fit with my driving style…
is this a base setup for the Z4 GT or specially for Brands Hatch ? With the Gearbox-setting I never reach 6th gear…
thanks a lot for sharing. I never tried so high diff-settings, I think thats the key. thanks
and I´m driving with a wheel, without any driving-aids

I set most of my builds up at Silverstone GP because of the huge variation in corners and then fine tune it for certain tracks.

You can play with the setting and pick and choose what you want I race with a controller so it might not be the quickest set up for a wheel.

Glad it some aspects of the set up helped you out though. One thing I will say is that my setups tend to create high tyre wear on the fronts because the car pushes through the corners.

Some times slower is faster but make sure your lap times reflect what you feel.


If you really want the input that can be provided here for you then you need to post your tune here, everybody can just guess what your setup is doing with out looking at the data…
Just my advice…

Having picked up one of these, the car does need a bit of decel. Seemingly, a lot of cars on this game need decel now. As Brands is full of hills, I’d keep the diff tight and focus on getting drive out of every corner.