Bonus and Launch Cars

Hey guys. I preordered horizon 2. I haven’t received or been gifted any free cars at all. None of the launch pack nor any of the forza reward cars. Was wondering if any one has expierenced this too. I know when I 1st launches the game the forza servers were down ,but since then I have gotten nothing. There’s nothing in my message box either. I can go to the auto show and buy the cars separately , but none are free.

The launch cars do not automatically download directly into your garage. If you are a VIP, the launch cars should be available in the Autoshow/Buy Cars section to purchase for 0 credits.

Reward cars will come in the form of a gift you download from the message center in game. The rewards cars and credits are currently rolling out after a delay and you should see them soon. Please check the stickied announcement at the top of the page for more details.

Ya I’m experiencing the same thing. Since I am tier 6 I was support to receive cars such as the P1, Huracan and a viper. I haven’t been gifted any of these and the games been out for about 2 days. I’m just confused because in past forzas you received these cars on the release date not days later or not at all.

Same here: no gift cars, no rewards redeemed, no 2x vip rewards, no vip crown, cars from vip pack and day one pack need Cr to buy… only the launch pack day cars had no price on them.
I see a lot of people talking about a fix, but none update shows to me. Hard reset or reinstal of dlcs didn’t worked too…