BMW Z4 (GT racing spec)

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BMW Z4 (GT racing spec)

This topic is for all GT racing spec versions: GTLM, LM GTE, GTD, GT2, GT3, GT4. Voting on street and track-focused versions of the production model is a separate topic.

This model has appeared in Forza as the:

  • 2014 BMW #55 BMW Team RLL Z4 GTE (FM6-FM7 | FH3)
  • 2014 BMW #56 BMW Team RLL Z4 GTE (FM6-FM7)
  • 2010 BMW Z4 GT3 (FM4)


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Which model do you prefer?

  • Z4 GT3
  • Z4 GTE
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Sorry for off,but that says more than any word !


2012 - Uwe Alzen - Fastest Qualifying round on Green Hell 24h [German dub] - (yt has auto translate)
Enjoy ! :wink:

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@ZSOLEC car voting topics are not meant to be a photo gallery. Please limit photo count to 3 and within the same post. If you are trying to point out different year or team entries, include text to describe the specific model you’re requesting.

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Pure MotorsportPorn. Enjoy ! :wink:
Uwe Alzen | Onboard | BMW Z4 GT3 |Nürburgring-Nordschleife | Start VLN 01 | 2014

Hi Guys!
Nordschleife will come soon .
Enjoy that wonderful agressive ride on Nordschleife with Stian Sorlie & Jörg Müller in BMW Z3 GT3 from 2010 VLN 1 endurance race .

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BMW Z4 (E89) GoodSmile Racing GT300 (2013)
I believe this is a modified GT3 car to work with the GT300 rules from SuperGT

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