BMW M1 Procar 1979

BMW M1 Procar

This model has appeared in Forza as the:

  • 1979 BMW #6 BMW Motorsport M1 Procar (FM6-FM7)

A lot of people are familiar with the Standard BMW M1 Procar which was originally intended for Group 5 regulations but unfortunately due to various rule and requirement changes it was scaled down to Group 4 regulations instead.

An effort between BMW and Individual Teams however took the Group 4 Cars further and modified them to Group 5 spec like originally intended.

The resulting car was often just called the BMW M1 Group 5 and featured a host of improvements with the most obvious being an advanced carbon fibre aerodynamics package to complete the silhouette look and an upgraded Turbocharged I6 which was claimed to produce anywhere from 500hp up to around 1000hp depending on boost settings.

The individual teams were free to perform other modifications (within regulations) to the Transmission, Chassis and Suspension in order to accommodate the boost in HP figures and increased downforce.

The Sauber F1 Team however decided to do their own modifications and essentially rebuild 2 of the cars with the only intention being more competitive in Group 5. Compared to the Converted M1’s the 2 Saubers were lighter and more nimble in general and were noted to be faster overall.

Some people refer to the Sauber Cars as BMW M1-R’s but the team themselves don’t seem to have officially used that designation.

Unfortunately neither the BMW M1 Procars or the Sauber-built ones were particularly successful and were almost completely outclassed by their competition at the time.

Converted Gr.5 M1 Procars


Sauber BMW “M1-R”

Short Post about the BMW Cars and the work they performed alongside individual teams:

Post specifically about the Sauber-built M1’s

Video of a Group 5 Conversion: BMW M1 Group 5 silhouette - LOUD fly-by's & downshifts - YouTube

Video of a Sauber Car: Sauber BMW M1 Gr.5 Pure SOUND & HUGE Flames on Track! - YouTube


The 1979 BMW #6 BMW Motorsport M1 Procar was included in the FM car roster at launch.

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