BMW 3-Series 2012-2019 (F30/F35/F51/F35/F80)

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2019 BMW M3 CS sedan


Please Playground Games/Turn10 please add the F80 M3. It’s the first turbo charged M3 ever, marking a very significant turning point in BMW’s M line up, it’s only right you guys have the car in the game.


The last F80 M3 was the cs variant and it was only offered in 2018 (final send off for the f8X generation.
It looks better than a F82 m4, lighter, faster, & certainly needs to be added to motorsports.
Cs is also different from competition package, cs is the highest trim. People tend to mix them and think it’s the same.

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2014 f80 m3 non-comp…
Mostly because i have one lol