We’ll try to keep some comps going to give those remaining, or newcomers to the forums, some things to do ;] We may just get a handful of participants, but, hey, that’s OK ;]

In this photo comp, we wanna see some action shots of some Mopars - Dodge - Chrysler - Plymouth


Post three (3) pics here in the thread

Paints are allowed, but please if you use one, note the artist

No Homespace or Garage shots please, get out on the tracks and get some awesome “action” shots or some “stills” using Forza’s wonderful tracks or backgrounds.

No inappropriate pictures/graphics/language in shot

No damage in shot

Use your own photos, please

Use new shots please, ones that have not been used in comps before

You can edit/change pics up until the “CLOSED” post.


1st Place - 200 million

2nd Place - 150 million

3rd Place - 100 million

“Honorable Mentions” - 50 million each

Comp will end FRIDAY SEPT 18 - Midnight EST


I have 3 [three] lesser used Mopar’s in mind - If any one uses one of these 3 “mystery” cars - there will be a ‘Bonus’ 50 Million awarded for each one chosen ;]


Download yourself a copy of this new Participation design - FREE -at my, KoolIROCZ1967, storefront ;] Rates appreciated ;]




1st - Yakov Alfa - 200 million

2nd - falcon460 - 150 million + 50 million Bonus Win

3rd Place - TIE - JazzyWriter/CostlessCape92 - 100 million each



Honorable Mentions - Wan Ge / phredzeppelin - 50 million each

Might be a prize for first one to post :wink:

I’ll be the first to throw some pics up

Hemi Cuda
The Wrangler

This beautiful GTX was designed by AlienatedElm42.


THANKS, Guys :wink: Looking good - Jazzy, you are our first poster - sell me a 50 million Mopar - your choice - just let me know what/when she goes up.

And your IROCZs from last month comp - sorry to say I totally forgot to grab those before work today :frowning: Jazzy, yours may still be up when I get home, but CC, apologies - you may have to re-post yours - sorry guys


Another Bonus - 50 million to the first one to post a pic of the most famous MOPAR - in my eyes, anyway :wink:

Another 50 million if it is one that I did :wink: I have sold quite a few of them - so I know they’re out there :wink:

This “Clean and Mean” Challenger R/T designed by KoolIROCZ1967


Hey everyone! Here are my 3. Good luck all…

Here’s my Mopar Picks

First 2 Design’s By KoolIROCZ1967

Good Luck All

Here’s my votes…

The Wrangler


Wan Ge 1

I made an update to my pics. Thought maybe the Wrangler might be one of the mystery machines.

I might go back and get some other pics, but these will be my entries for the time being.

Well here are my entries. 2 vipers and a Cuda
the first two vipers are our race team cars. Sprite sponsor with one yellow and green, the other Green and yellow.

My race car

And Rusty’s car

Rusty's car

for my final pic a Cuda

On The edge.

And I did not even dirty the lap :slight_smile:

I should add that I did all the design work on all 3 cars. the Cuda was an attempt at using tribal form the design catalog. not that great but I did not want 3 shots of just my vipers

Shots coming in lookin’ good ;] Thanks for posting ;]

Stealth R/T designed by - ooollBURGIIooo

Challenger designed by - KoolIROCZ1967

GTX designed by - AlienatedElm42

These are my three entries for the “MOPAR MADNESS” photo comp.



Alright - this one is closed

Participants please start posting your votes - only those who participated may vote ;]

#1 - phredzeppelin

#2 - Yakov Alfa

#3 - CostlessCape92

#1 falcon460

#2 Yakov Alfa

#3 phredzepplin